Divine Traveller
Divine Traveller


      I have my parents' blessings to have ventured into something of this magnitutude that has been giving me utmost satisfaction in writing about the temples, customs that might help our future generation.

I thank various temple authorities for helping me with temple data, photos and other useful information. I am indebted to the world wide web where I have been doing a lot of research. I also thank 'Sakthi Vikatan' and a few other magazines , where I refer to some interesting facts and data about various temples which as an individual I could not have gathered.

I thank my wife who has been encouragig me and relentlessly accompaniying me during my visits to various temples. I thank my daughter who has been proof reading and correcting me wherever I erred. I thank my son for having gifted me with a DSLR with all ranges of lenses and has been motivating me to drive all over South India to visit heritage places.

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