Divine Traveller
Divine Traveller


      With my parents' blessings and pranams to Paramacharya I have ventured into writing about some of the divine temples of our country. This is now giving me an immense satisfaction in writing about the temples, culture and customs of most of the prominent temples of South India and a few very popular must visit temples of rest of the India covering the history,the legend and devotional aspects of these temples, that might help guide our future generation.

I thank various temple authorities for helping me with temple data, photos and other useful information. I am indebted to the world wide web where I have been doing a lot of research and also the journals , where I refer to some interesting facts and data about various temples which as an individual I could not have gathered.

I thank my wife who has been encouragig me and relentlessly accompaniying me during my visits to various temples.

Note: There are many temples in India where they do not allow camera or mobile phones inside the temple. I have take pictures with my camera and mobile phones wherever it does not explicitly banned and some pictures with permission from temple people.

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