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Kainkaryam:: To give Oil to Shiva temples

A Siva lingam in one of the temples

There are lot of Siva temples especially, Thevaram Padal Petra Sthalangal (274 in number ) that are in such a pathetic and very poor financial condition that there is no money even to buy oil to light the Lamps nor to buy flowers for the deities. Once during a visit to a remote Sivan temple Mahaperiva was distressed to see that the temple lacked funds even to light a lamp. He desired that the devotees should come forward by some means to contribute for oil to light the 'deepams' in the Shivalayas and no temple should be without lights. With the blessings and intention of fulfilling at least a fraction of Sri Sri Mahaperiva's wishes, the following bagavat Kainkaryam has been intiated by a small team of like minded devotees. This kainkaryam is to give oil in tins (Each 15 ltrs.) to light the lamps in the temples.

oil oil oil
Oil tins ready for the temples Volunteers with Oil tins ready for the temples. Oil tins given even during the lockdown.

Almost all Padal Petra Sthalam (PPS) are in bad condition except those within the city. The temple Kurukals are not paid salary regularly. Hence being an Hindu it is our main duty to support these temples in some way or the other. The very basic support we can extend to these temples is to give oil to light the lamps. Undersigned (Adiyen) is doing this kainkaryam of supplying oil tins of each 15 litres to Padal Petra Sthalangals (PPS)for the past three years. There are about 40 members in this kainkaryam Kuzhu.

This kainkaryam has been started with Maha Periva blessings and is being done for the past three years. As on date there are about 100 plus devotees from India and abroad participating in this kainkaryam.

The kainkaryam works as below:
The devotees send their contribution to the below mentioned bank account. A few meet us in person and donate cash. With this money collected, the team purchases Oil tins, visit the temples and give it to the temple priest or kurukal.

This is “Yatha Sakthi” (as far as strength allows /as far as possible) contribution. We receive contribution right from Rs. 100 to Rs.1500 per month. Every month we are serving around 40 Padal petra sthalangals.So far we have given 240 tins of இலுபெண்ணைய் & served around 170 temples.

We are giving இலுபெண்ணைய் (Illupannai) to the Siva temples. It is very sacred to give இலுபெண்ணைய் (Illupannai)to Shiva temples. A tin of illupannai costs (15 KG) about Rs.1100/ and lasts for about a month for one temple.

Some of the Shiva temples which we are serving:
Takolam(Padal Petra sthalam)-in Poondamallee – Arakonam Road
Koovam (Padal Petra sthalam) -in Poondamallee – Arakonam Road
எலுமியன்கோட்டூர். (Padal Petra sthalam) in Poondamallee – Arakonam Road
Pozhichalur Sivan koil suburbs of Chennai
Munkudumeeswarar (Nearly around 1500 yrs old temple. Swami has Kutumi in His forehead)near Chengalpattu.

The temples are not restricted to Chennai alone. We go throughout Tamil Nadu. We have completed giving Oil for Padal Petra Sthalams in Trichy, Madurai , Thanjavur, Kumbakonam & Kanchipuram.

I have tied with big oil dealers in Thanjavur,Kumbakonam,Thiruvarur,Thivaiyaru,Tirunelveli,Trichy,Mayavaram,Sirkazhi, Kancheepuram Every month I send money to these shops through NEFT and inform the respective temple Kurukals. They go to the shop,take the oil tins to the temples. Once in 3 months our team also visit the PPS to give oil. I strongly believe that it the prime most responsibility of we Hindus is to support these sivan koils by giving "yatha sakthi" contribution. A small monthly contribution will go a long way.

Not restricting ourselves to Shivalayas alone we also go to Sri Narayana temples.We give one tin of ghee ( 15 KG) to Lakshmi Narasimhar temple at Narasimhapuram in Poondamallee – Arakonam Road and Ulagalanda Perumal at Thirukovilur.

Towards this noble cause, interested devotees can contribute the money in the bank as per details given below:
Name: V. Ramakrishnan
Name of Bank:Corporation Bank
Branch: Ashok Nagar
Account No. 520101256035512
IFSC Code:CORP0000578
UPI- ramrad67@okaxis
If you would like to contribute, you may remit the amount that you can to the bank account directly. The team assures you that the money so collected will be used only for the above said noble cause.
Ramakrishnan V
Contact 9884900030 Mail: ramrad67@gmail.com
you can visit us on at websites divinetraveller.net and sethubandhanam.com

dilapidated Temple
A dilapidated Siva Temple
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