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Subramanya Swami Temple - Thirutanni

Subramanya Swamy-(file picture)

Thiruttani Subramanya Swamy Temple of Lord Subramanya is located on top of a hillock in Thiruttani is 90 kms from Chennai. This is also known as Thiruthanikai. It is one of the six "Aaru padai veedu" (six abodes of Lord Muruga).

As per the legends Subramanya along with his lieutenant Veerabaghu, fought with the demon king Sooran in a long battle and killed him. Subramanya was fierce and seething with anger even after killing him. He came to Thiruttani to calm himself and meditated therefore, hence this place is also known as Shantipuri (Abode of Peace).

As per another legend Lord Subramanya married Valli, a gypsy girl from the Vallimalai hills nearby, and had settled here.

There are other legends too. Subramanya married Indra's daughter Deivayanai and was offered his elephant Iravatam as a part of the wedding gift. Indra started losing his wealth after the elephan Iravatham, Subramanya wanted to return the elephant to Indra.Indra refused to take back the gift and instead requested that the elephant should face in his direction. The elephant in the temple can be seen facing east.
According to another legend, Indra presented a sandal stone as a part of the wedding gifts. This sandal paste is applied to Sri Subramanya’s idol even today and a prasadam of this is considered to be of medicinal value.
There is an indentation in Lord Subramanya's chest, and as per legend this was because demon Tarakasuran threw a Chakrayudham(discus) on his chest. This Chakrayudam was later given to Maha Vishnu.

Tirutanni hills
Thiruttani temple entrance

The temple is built atop a small hillock of around 250 feet in height. There is a motorable road, and pedestrians can walk a flight of 365 steps.The temple has a five tiered gopuram and four praharams.

There is a beautiful gold plated Dwajastahambam in front of the Karpagriham (main sanctum).In front of that is in small mandapam is the Indra's elephant Iravatham idol and next to it is Ganesha's idol. As you enter the karpagriham you can see the sannidhi of Aabat Sahaaya Vinayakar, who is said to have helped his brother Subramanya in coaxing Valli in the guise of a wild tusker to get her married to Subramaya. In the entrance are the Sumugan and Sudhegan idols as dwarabalakas.

The sanctum has a gold palted Vimanam (tower).Inside sanctum you can see the beautiful idol of Sri Subramanya Swamy with his consorts Valli and Deivanai.

The Utsavar of Subramanya is placed in a Rudraksha vimanam with his consorts. There is golden garland of Vilva leaves here in the temple used in special occassions.

Behind the moolavar (main diety) sannidhi is the Balasubramaniar sannidhi, the childhood stage of Subramanya is situated. An unique feature here that the abhishekam is done during ther month of Markazhi(Dec-Jan) with hot water, as the child Muruga should not suffer in the chill water during winter.

There are other small sannidhis for Surayn, Saptha Maathas, Ganesa, Lord Shiva around the main praharam.

Hymns in praise of Lord Thiruttani Murugan have been sung by Saint Arunagirnathar in Tiruppukazh and by Tamil Poet Nakkeran in ThirumurugAtruppadai and also Ramalinga Adigalar.


Devotees offer their hair ( it is very popular in Tirupathi Balaji temple, and other Murugan temples in the South) as a sacrifice after their prayers have been answered.


Adi Krithigai festival (July–August) with "Theppam" (Float Festival) when hundreds of thousands of devotees come from far and near. About one fifty thousand flower kavadis are offered to the deity. They carry the kavadis chanting "Muruganukku Aro Hara " praising the lord.

Other important ritual is carrying of palkudams (milk pots) by the devotees in huge numbers.

Though this is a Hindu temple following Hindu rituals, it is very unique that the English new year is celeberated here for so many decades. hundreds of thousands of devotees are present on the sacred Tanikai hill to have the darshan. This festival came into practice during the British rejime when the famous Vallimalai Swamigal persuaded his followers to offer their homage first to Subramanya,and only after that to their bosses in the work place. They started coming to Tiruthanni to offer their thanks giving prayers on that day and night to be blessed by Tiruthanni Murugan for peace and prosperity during the New Year. On this day many cultural events take palce and bhajans are sung from Tiruppugazh ,decorating and lighting the hill's 365 steps, one for each day of the New Year.

Bhramotsavam is celeberated in the month of Maasi(Feb mid to mid March) and Valli Kalyanam is celebrated on the 8th day.Skanda Sashti is celebrated in the tamil month of Aippasi (Oct-Nov).Thai poosam in January and Pankuni Uttiram in Pankuni (March-Apr) festival are celeberated in a very grand scale. Unprecedent crowds throng the temple during theses festival days.

The temple has a golden chariot made of gold and silver and other metals. Devotees on payment of fees can pull the deity in a procession in the golden charriot around the outer praharam, except on Festival days

Temple Timings It is open from 5:30 am – 8:00pm with occassional breaks of 30 minutes for alankarams.

How to reach?

The temple is located at 97 KM from Chennai,77 KM from Vellore. Thiruttani has a railway station and there are trains from Chennai,via Arakkonam. Plenty of Government buses ply from Chennai,Kanchipuram,Tiruvallur,Tirupathi.

From the foothills of Thiruttani town ( Adivaram), there is a motorable road on which you can take the temple mini buses,your cars and two wheelers. Pedestrians can use the 365 steps to ascend to the temple that is open almost 24 hours a days with good lighting,

Theerthams or Holy Ponds Saravana Poigai is at the very foot of the hill, is said to be having curative effects for ailments both physical and mental. A dip in this holy tank is considered very divine.
Sapta Rishi Theertham is another pond on the south side of the hill where the Seven Rishis are said to have worshipped Lord Muruga and the Sapta Kannikais (Seven Virgins) at this place in a small temple.

Where to Stay?There are plenty of budget hotels in Thiruttani town.
Where to Eat?There are a few restaurants in Thiruttani and use your judgement to select the hygienic ones.

Contact Joint Commissioner/Executive Officer,
Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Thirukoil,
Thiruttani - 631 209.
Tiruvallur District,
Tamil Nadu. India
Hill Temple Landline:044-27885243, 044-27885201
E-Mail : tiruthanimurugan@tnhrce.org

Useful data
State: Tamil Nadu
District: Tiruvallur
Famous for: Pilgrimage
Languages: English,Tamil,Telugu
Best Season: Throughout the year. Summer( from May to July) could be very hot and dry when the mercury shoots to 46 degree celsius.
Weather: Summer 33-46°C, Winter 16-28°C
Altitude: 300 ft above sea level

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