Subramanya Swami Temple - Tiruchendur Subramanya Swamy-(file picture) This beautiful temple in Tiruchendur is situated on the shores of the beach of Gulf of Mannar in the Bay of Bengal. The origin of this temple is said to be dated to 2000 yrs old. It is one of the six "Aaru padai veedu" (six abodes of Lord Muruga). As per legends, there was this powerful demon king called Soorapadman, who was invincible and he along with his brothers was torturing the devas and creating big chaos to the three worlds. All the devas and sages rushed to Shiva to save them from the demon. Lord Shiva opened his Third Eye and six sparks of fire came out of it onto the divine lake Saravan Poigai. They were transformed into six babies. These babies were mothered by the six Kirithika, female deities. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi came to Saravana Poigai, and when Parvathy fondly caressed the babies, they