Sri Vyagapureeswarar Temple Sri Vyagapureeswarar Temple Vyakapureeswarar temple is situated in Thirupulivanam near Uthiramerur.Though the exact date could not be determined, the temple structure is said to be over 1000 years old. As per legends there lived a Siddhar and a staunch Shiva devotee. He used to climb the trees of Nagalingam (Nagalinga Pushpa (Kannada), Nagamalli (Telugu),Naaga danthee (Malyalalam) to pluck flowers for Shiva pooja. To help him climb the trees ,Lord Shiva modified his legs like that of a tiger (Vengai in Tamil) and became to be known as 'Vyakya paadhar' (one with Tiger paws). As the siddhar Vyaka Padhar or Puli Minivar (In tamil) had worshipped here this place may have been called PuliVanam ( Puli-Tiger) Inside temple Ambal Sannidhi The Temple: Origin of this temple is said to be more than 1000 years.The entrance to this temple has a three tiered Raja