Tala Cauvery

Tala Cauvery

Temple for Goddess Cauvery

Talacauvery is the place that is considered to be the source of the River Cauvery. It is located in the Brahmagiri hill is about 8 km away from Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka and 48 km from Madikeri (Mercara) and it is 1,276 m. above sea level. A tank has been erected on a hillside, at the place that is said to be the origin. It is also marked by a small temple. The Cauvery river originates as a spring feeding this tank, which is considered to be a holy place to bathe on special days. The waters are then said to flow underground to emerge as the river some distance away.

Origin of river Cauvery
Origin of river Cauvery

On the first day of Tula month, of the Hindu calendar, ( mid October) thousands of pilgrims flock to the river's birthplace to witness the rise of the fountainhead, when water gushes up from the spring at a predetermined moment. The tula snanam (Sacred bath in the Tula month) is observed across pilgrim towns in Kaveri's banks.The legend goes that, the Cauvery river was held in a Kamandala (a container) by Sage Agasthya. Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and perched on the kamandala of Agasthya when Agasthya was meditating. When Agasthya realised this, he chased away the crow. But the crow tipped the kamandala and toppled it. Out poured Cauvery which started flowing. The crow disappeared and in its place stood a small boy. Agasthya thought that the boy was playing some mischief and clenching both his fists, went to punish the small boy. But the boy escaped and Agasthya gave a chase. Finally the boy vanished and Lord Ganesha showed Himself to Agasthya.

How to reach? By Air - Nearest airport to Talacauvery is Mangalore terminal, which is about 160 km from Talacauvery. Taxi charge for the travel from Mangalore to Talacauvery is about Rs 2000.
By bus - Talacauvery is well connected by KSRTC buses of Kerala and Karnataka. The nearest bus junction where frequent buses are available is Madikeri
By your car - Assuming that you have reached Madikeri from Mangalore, Bangalore, Mysore, it is a nice drive to Talacauvery which is about 40 kms which you can cover in less than an hour.
Where to Stay? There are no good accommodation available in Talacauvery itself as far as I know, but you have plenty of nice choices in Madikeri.
Other interesting places around Madikeri, Bhagamandala, Dubare elephant camp, Kushal Nagar ( about which I would have mentioned in separate posts)
Useful data
State: Karnataka
District: Kodagu
Famous for: Pilgrim, Scenic hill station
Languages: Kannada, Hindi
Best Season: Throughout the year but avoid monsoon season
Weather: Summer 22-37°C, Winter 10-32°C Altitude: 1712 m