Oil Kainkaryam

 As you may be aware there are lot of old Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu especially in the temple cities of Thiruvarur, Kumbakonam, Kanchipuram, Mayavaram, around Chennai etc. These temples had been built thousands of years ago. Unfortunately these temples are finding it difficult even to sustain their basic activities . 

So we have taken the initiative,  to ensure that we provide oil to light lamps in these old and dilapidated temples.
Every month, we  give oil tins, each 15 liters., to  around  70 to 80 such  ancient and deserving Shiva temples. We are doing this holy service for the past 7 to 8 years.

This holy service covers temples that are spread throughout Tamil Nadu. 

Mode of operation:

We have tied up with oil shops in main towns like Kumbakonam, Sirkali, Mayavaram, Trichy, Thiruvarur, Kancheepuram etc. We send money to these oil shops.
We have hired auto drivers in these towns to deliver the oil tins to the temples from the respective shops. 

To raise funds to carry out this holy service, we have formed a Trust by the name HARIHARA KAINKARYAM TRUST. The main objective of this Trust is as follows:   

1.       Provide oil to ancient Shiva temples which have very less footfall and are in dire need of basic requirements

2.       Provide financial Support for the poor Gurukals (Priests) who are doing pooja in such temples . These priests earn a meager salary as little as Rs.150 per month.

3.       Provide educational support to the children of these priests..  

We request members of the public to donate generously for this worthy and noble cause either on a monthly basis or one time basis, as this is an ongoing activity.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


The average cost of one oil tin is Rs.2000  

Bank details of the Trust

We are giving as below, the bank details of the Trust, .

Both NEFT transfer and QR code transfer is available.   

NEFT details:
Harihara Kainkaryam Trust

Equitas Bank, KK Nagar, Chennai

Account Number:


IFSC code: ESFB0001131  

Address of the Trust:

V, Ramakrishnan

6/16, West vanniar Street,

KK Nagar, Chennai 600078


Registration number of the Trust



Bank Address:

Equitas Bank

Plot No. 1072, Door No. 32,

Munusamy Salai,

KK Nagar West, Chennai 600078


QR code:

For any queries , clarifications on this holy service, you can reach out to

Mr. Ramakrishnan