Today's lifestyle has become very complex. People, especially the youngsters are a stressed lot and have no time to think of God,religion,culture. The temples in India are places that can spur one's divine thoughts. The sanctity and divinity of these temples soothes and revitalizes his worn out nerves and confused mind with a spiritual aura.There are number of temples in India, which have attained great following and admiration, even in the overseas, not only for their divinity but also as architectural marvels. South India,especially is one such place that have so many temples that are not only divine but also symbols of splendor and beautiful architecture. This website takes the readers on a journey through most of the prominent temples of South India and a few very popular must visit temples of rest of the India covering the history,the legend and devotional aspects of these temples. I have tried to provide a detailed information which will help visitors plan their mode of travel, accommodation, temple timings, contact numbers, places around the temple etc that might be useful to the visitors. I also need to mention that these are based on my own experience and readers are cautioned to use their discretion before deciding on their travel to these places.

Disclaimer:The article about the temple, temple timings and the contact details were based on my own experience. These might have changed over the course of time. The travelers are requested to use use their discretion in such cases